This covers children and adults counselling as well as communities who need psychological support.


  • Prevention and reduction of the professional stress in the company's employees.
  • Employee motivation for improving the quality of work.
  • Building efficient teams.
  • Improving the communication competence.
  • Building conflict management skills.

Company training

In terms of a surrounding competition, having qualified personnel becomes the major factor for success in every business.

About me

Hello, I am Krasena Kancheva.


I have been working as a psychologist for more than 15 years, enabling the people I communicate with to put into practice their intentions and pave their way towards the realization of their desires.

      With the kind collaboration of leading experts in the field of clinical, positive and cognitive psychology, I have been able to develop a unique multi-modal copyright method in the direction of solving problems related to people’s welfare and life satisfaction.

          I turn with gratitude to my clients for entrusting to me the chance to prove that my knowledge, experience and attention to detail help in achieving the results desired. I am happy and satisfied when they see their problems resolved – this is my genuine reward and confirmation of my professionalism.

        My field of work covers a variety of issues but one thing unites them all – the desire of every human being to be happy, to live in harmony with themselves as well as with the others around them. The basic principle in my practice is that the process of our collaboration be transparent, trustworthy and effective.

           Contact me and together we shall unveil the way to lead you to a harmonious and happy life.


See you soon
Krasena Kancheva

Phone: +359 885 233 010
Address: Sofia, boulevard Bulgaria №5

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