A child's psyche is very fragile. Every child has the necessity of supportive parents who will be there for them to help, to share the happy and difficult moments in life, and to love them. If you see that your kid withdraws into him/herself or starts behaving in an uncharacteristic way – talk to them. Seemingly small thing are transient but this is a fallacy. Speaking with the child, you as a parent, demonstrate love and compassion, and the child itself can sense your concern and attention. Sharing with you is a manifestation of their trust and your child knows that together you will solve the problem which bothers them. In the absence of contact or an unwillingness to share, the best option is to talk to a psychologist.

Each adult comes face to face with numerous problems every day which causes stress and for dissatisfaction of life to increase. Some people succeed in surmounting daily challenges and move on to enjoy their life; others, however, do not manage as successfully with the difficulties they meet – lack of understanding among their colleagues, miscommunication with the manager, problems with the children. They try to cope on their own with the uncomfortable situations by sharing with friends and relatives. Does this help you to feel better?