ILLUSIONS Thank you for your cooperation and support of prof. Kiotaki for writing this article. Some paintings create abnormal motion illusions. Prof. Akyoshy Kiotaki determines the mental state of the human perception through optical, or how exactly the brain perceives certain shapes and colors as dynamic or static images. On his site he warns […]


  The two hemispheres of the brain work differently, which is proved by the neuropsychology. The left hemisphere is responsible for the logical and linguistic side of mental operations, while the right one is responsible for their integrity, emotion and imagery. This functional asymmetry of the human body is manifested in various forms of behavior. […]

Happiness + Smile = Health

  How happiness affects the brain     Causes of happiness are individual. They can by categorised by common features, such as spiritual search, material satisfaction, social commitment, etc.   What do you need to feel happy? For some people, happiness is measured in earning more money, in having expensive material benefits. For others, happiness […]

Be a winner with your perfection nonverbal behavior

  One of the most important things to achieve success in different situations is how we use the body language when we present ourselves. People transfer information via vebal and nonverbal form of communication – gesture, eye, voice rate, intonation, facial expression, pose, distance, etc. Sometimes while communicating, it’s very difficult to understand whether people are sincere. […]

Psychology and Creative Thinking

Developing creative thinking provides an opportunity to change not only your own life but also other people’s lives. By using specific techniques and methods psychologists manage to provoke and develop creative thinking in their clients and make them feel satisfied with the results achieved. Creative thinking is different from constructive  thinking. To construct  is some […]