Our ability to protect ourselves from fatigue requires that we get to know the physical and mental qualities of our bodies. The need to assess the degree to which we are able to perform an activity without overexertion is essential because it preserves our health and will allow us to be as productive as possible […]


THE FRANKLIN PIRAMIDE EFFICIENT TIME MANAGEMENT Benjamin Franklin – a politician, scientist, inventor, one of the authors of the US Constitution. He is the author of the phrase “Time is Money”. The Franklin’s Pyramid Vital values ​​– they are the pyramid’s foundation that always exists in our lives. These values belong to the spiritual realm, […]

Postponement or Procrastination – Time Management

Procrastination or postponement is an essential part of time management. In psychology, procrastination (from procrastination – retardation, latency, procrastinatus: pro (instead of forward), crastinus – tomorrow) means a tendency towards a constant “postponement for tomorrow” even of the important and urgent tasks, leading to painful psychological effects. Realizing the need to carry out specific essential […]

What is UX Manager?

User Experience (UX) management enables you to achieve better business results and improve the experience and knowledge your customers have in using a particular product or service. To be successful, the UX manager should deliver improved test scores, which means providing business information such as attitude and care for revenues, growth, costs, etc. Getting feedback […]

What did you learn from your fears?

Everyone in his life was scared or intuitively felt a fear of something without being aware of the particular reason. Some people know well the cause, they realize that they have no need to fear, yet they avoid the situations giving rise to their fears. In some people, the trauma that has unlocked the fear […]

The Hidden Causes Of Conflicts At Work

The reasons for conflicts at work might be of various nature. Some of these reasons are: Various noises – talking in a loud voice, coughing, pen-clicking, tapping with legs, etc. Moving around in the office space – rotating or shaking for a long time in the chair, constantly getting up and running around colleagues, opening […]

Professional stress

Professional stress is a common problem with either negative or positive impact on personality. The working environment requires a constant adaptation and readaptation as a result of interpersonal problems, conflict situations, short deadlines, etc., which is a prerequisite for its occurrence. The influence of stress modifies some indicators of the biochemical, physiological and psychological state […]


Certain type of situations or people can provoke angry reactions resulting in: Pulse acceleration, Blood pressure increase, Muscle strain, Blushing   The reasons for anger may be various. We get angry when we are: Disappointed, Criticized, Misunderstood, Rejected, Deceived, Neglected, Abandoned and lonely.   How to deal with this problem? Having got angry, some people […]

What kind of personality are you – a Thinker, an Interlocutor or a Рractitioner?

This is a test determining the human behavior, developed by the psychologist N.N. Obrozov. Please, choose one of three answers according to your thinking, experience and behavior. After completing the test, please send it to office@krasena.com You will receive a feedback. Thank you! Open the link – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdFyjqKF96wsUmz3fU6cuBEZG4NVfPQNMZWB03fonJ5jkgNXA/viewform?c=0&w=1  

STAR method in Human Resources

STAR method   Jay Galbraith developed a behavioral interview intended to define and assess the merits of candidates for employment in companies. The structured interview provides an opportunity to assess the behavior of employees in several areas:   Assessment of competence; Analytical thinking and planning; Orientation to the outcome; Loyalty to the organization; Resistance to […]