Psychology and Creative Thinking

Developing creative thinking provides an opportunity to change not only your own life but also other people’s lives. By using specific techniques and methods psychologists manage to provoke and develop creative thinking in their clients and make them feel satisfied with the results achieved.

Creative thinking is different from constructive  thinking. To construct  is some kind of work, while creativity is to create a new, unique idea.

Creative persons are more patient towards surrounding people, since they know that everyone looks at the world in their own way. Creative people manage to find an unusual solution in a tough situation.

Am I creative? Do I have to be creative? In most cases we do not have to be creative unless we find ourselves in an unspecific situation. The reason is the already built behavioral stereotype.
There are certain jobs where you have to think creatively in order to be a professional. To think in a different way. How is that achieved? There are a couple of factors to be creative. You have got to be well informed in the domain where you want to invent something new. An advantage is the new approach and overview to the knowledge acquired by provocation. It is important what kind of personality you are, whether you have a creative potential and what your perception of the world is. What your dreams are. It is a combination of factors affecting your development as an innovator.

Awareness – provocation – creativity (APC).

Creative thinking is both constructive and revolutionary, it is valuable for the business, art and science, for where competitiveness is developed and where are existing dynamic processes of life.

An extraordinary and original idea reveals the non-standard view of problems and solving them by a unique way. Creative people are the innovators who make the world go round.