Benjamin Franklin – a politician, scientist, inventor, one of the authors of the US Constitution. He is the author of the phrase “Time is Money”.

The Franklin’s Pyramid

Vital values ​​– they are the pyramid’s foundation that always exists in our lives. These values belong to the spiritual realm, although many people ignore them in the modern world. Material is predominant, most of the people want to make a lot of money but they can never answer the question how much money they need. But there are people whose values ​​are willingness to help others, to have power, to be famous, to devote their time to the family. You can choose among several things as vital values, but the most important is what you want to do and dedicate your life to it. To realize their goals and be happy.


The global goal is situated at the base of the early life values. If the early life values are the pyramid’s foundation and answer the question “Why do I live?”, the global goal is the most desired outcome of life.


For example, a young man wants to be a professional basketball player, he chooses the sports career as a meaning of his life, and wants to gain world fame and legendary glory. The main goal is to win the World Basketball Championship.


Master Plan – precise instructions on how the global goal will be achieved. For example, a basketball player should start playing in a strong team to gain success in the youth team.


Long-term Plan – planning the next 3-5 years to reach the specific goals. The long-term plan has to match to one of the steps of the master plan to reach the global goal. For the basketball player, the long-term plan might include enrolling in the academy of a well-known coach to develop the sporting skills under his leadership, win the races with the youth team and sign a contract with a professional club.


Short-term Plan – for several weeks or months. It should be specific – start attending a good school, find an experienced coach, work on the physical training, and take part in competitions. This is the short-term plan.


The Daily plan is on the top of the Franklin’s pyramid. This is the smallest unit in the global goal. In the context of the chosen example, this is a training for scoring a basket from various distances.

The Franklin’s pyramid helps plan the whole life. The pursuit of life goals and the choice of means is unlimited. However, in order to achieve the goals, there are specific actions to be structured and described.